Drifting like a Leaf / on a Leaf

Leaves are one of my favourite subjects.  These photographs (2 in a mini-series of 3) were taken on an unusually hot mid-September day at Toronto’s Centre Island.  These leaves were beautifully back-lit by the sun and I got as close as possible to capture them in all their glory.


The blue hue of the picture was added by spraying toner directly onto the photograph.  I purposely chose this method of toner application because I like the interspersed effect more than an overall saturation of colour; I wanted to preserve the black and white origin of the images, even though they were toned.

Only one print exists of each image, with no intention of making additional prints.

Value of photo will be donated to a conservation organization, to keep my favourite things
Value of photo will be donated to a wildlife conservation organization, to thank the ladybugs