Merging Seemingly Opposites photo collage print, 1/1 - 2018

This is a visual Story

of how I felt when I was without my camera and a darkroom, then slowly having to gather the broken parts, salvaging the ones to keep and make anew.

The entire piece was constructed by shooting two separate images and individually printing, in the Darkroom, each photo. The two images were then methodically deconstructed in the same manner, by dripping and spreading red tempera to purposely obscure the images, scraping the dried tempera and finally carefully ripping each photo to create a specific shape and texture. The two photographs were then reassembled to produce a whole new image. It is the merging of two seemingly opposites that took 26 years to feel whole again.

This image can be interpreted in many ways depending on the viewer's history, mental state, emotional mood, occupation, (in)formal education, etc:

For example, a neurologist might see the spreading of a disease or a shift in human cognitive abilities. An environmentalist might see a disconnect between the natural environment and a human-constructed world. An artist may wish to only focus on the dark triangle or the jagged edges of the torn sections. A grieving daughter may be only able to see the blood stains left by a murdered loved one.

Maybe it is the past and future selves finally syncing up. Or it is the tearing away of the veil to get to the dark and silent core of creation.

All perspectives are valid.

Christina Shivcharan/2019