24 months, 104 weeks, 731 days

October 2022: The Future Is Yet To Be Written, Toronto CA

When I launched this website, I was also preparing for the CONTACT festival exhibition, working at the same time and submitting artwork to other gallery showings. Looking back, this blog is a reason to celebrate, so I decided to write a second anniversary post.  While writing (early February 2022), I didn't know if I would get to October 7, 2022 - the 2nd year date from the 1st post (removed by me) under this blog.  That ever present feeling of uncertainty permeated everyday of the past two years, but I kept writing and working on photo projects for the simple fact I had nothing else to hold on to. 

Before the birth of A Photographer’s Tale, I was scouting blogs/magazines where I could satisfy my craving for creative expression, and earn some cash, during the lockdowns by submitting my writings.  But I found it difficult to conform to the required format/style.  The only idea pitch I ended up responding to was rejected - someone made the effort to reject me, not ignore as is the norm.  I quickly got over it and thought, there's a blogging feature on my website and I had already posted (over a year prior) a one-off piece, so why don't I start my own blog.  What?!  How dare I join the rank of bloggers? 

I began writing out of frustration in September 2020 about my personal challenges and joys in pursuing analogue photography.  I wanted to honestly express, in my style not someone else's, my struggles and triumphs; I do not want to deny both have influenced who I am. 

After days of writing and proofing to the point where I couldn't stall anymore, I sat in bed at 5:30 in the morning with my tablet in my ice cold hands, terrifyingly staring at the blog section of my website... a half hour, maybe an hour, went by.  Then I convinced myself to publish the post with the hope no one will read it.

Soon after, it became a place where I could let readers, who are interested in my photographs, know what goes into creating art.  The posts are not in chronological order but are written when I remember an event - this temporal distortion is indicative of my creative process. 

If you are reading for amusement and to learn about 8x10 Dot Photography's artwork, I'm grateful for your attention; that's why I keep these posts short (this post is an exception) and relevant to my experiences with photography. 

To those visiting this site to engage in the predatory behaviour of creating derivatives to make a profit or gain status:  A Photographer’s Tale may appear similar to other content (how-to articles, recipe blogs, creative common images) on the internet, however it does not serve the same purpose where the information is published for your usage - as in the cases of Fair Use. Crediting/asking for permission when others’ work is involved is always a good practice. 

It’s difficult not to be “inspired” by others, but I’ve begun purposely staying away from viewing art publications and exhibitions to avoid being (subconsciously) influenced.  During the past two years I've made adjustments, corrections and deletions throughout this website and its related communication network for clarity, to fix typos (some remain since fixing them would have created another problem), and to dissociate their content from impertinent elements. 

This blog is beyond anything I had planned for myself; I had a spark of an idea and took a leap of faith.  Lately I've been listening to soca music and watching more streaming services produced movies/shows, and have to say, I feel loved and humbled by those who offer a different perspective - you helped mend my broken heart. 

the freedom to express myself is the best gift I have ever received,