A Golden Morning

August 2020: Shooting in Downsview Dells, Toronto, CA

The universe was on my side that morning: the park was cloaked with golden beams of glittering sunlight streaming through the trees; the trail was slightly glazed from earlier rainfall, with a last bit of steam hovering above; the temperature was very warm; the air was sticky with moisture and filled with the chattering of birds.

It was like being inside an enchanted bubble.  I briefly wondered if I had stepped into a movie set and was prepared to hear: "Roll sound, roll camera." "Set." "Action!"  I have been researching video/film production as a component to my photography practice….

Wearied from the broadcast of fear-mongers and seeing it had been almost a year since I heard the sweet sounds of my Spotmatic, I decided on a short photography excursion.  Even if the trip was just to feel the transport lever's tension against my thumb, to hear the mirror releasing and to look through the viewfinder to see the world uncomplicated by peripherals.

Ergo, I took a reconnaissance trip to, a less frequented park, Downsview Dells to see if there were any interesting landscape subjects waiting to be discovered - I found a couple.  So I headed back to the area, camera by my side with the red and green filters I wanted to use for comparing and possibly layering images.  I photographed the images I planned on shooting and then found an extra subject I wanted to photograph months prior, but didn't have my camera with me at the time - dewdrops on blades of grass.

The few people that passed by on the trail were surprisingly civil.  Is this how the era of Reiwa will be?   I hope so, I'll have to wait and see.  I'll also have to wait to see how my negatives turn out, as currently, I don't have a darkroom/proper developing facilities to process the film.

wishing you pleasant surprises,