Bagel Stuck on Repeat

October 2018: Shooting along Queens Quay, Toronto, CA

So I was on a mission. The entire day had been planned out. I made my recon. trip prior and I knew exactly the subjects I wanted to photograph for an upcoming project.

First stop was a section of Queens Quay where I would be able to get a decent shot of the CN Tower without having to scale buildings or camp out on rooftops.  I arrived late morning after rush hour, contorted my body on a concrete planter, out of the way of pedestrians, and prepared my camera for shooting.

And here we go, cue the theatrics: I begin to hear a man asking a child "do you wanna bagel… a bagel… bagel… wanna bagel?"  The words in between bagel are a blur to me as I'm trying to concentrate on photographing.  All I kept hearing was bagel, bagel, bagel, like a hot needle piercing my left eardrum.  Meanwhile praying the child would somehow intervene in the non-stop questions and answer the man so the nightmare would end.

I ignored the open-close-open-close sliding doors (you know like on the train, when there is nothing in the way, but the doors sense there is) as much as I could and walked away with some shots that worked great for my project - "Merging Seemingly Opposites".  After which I had a couple bites of my homemade burrito then moved on to the next shooting destination; thankful for the whiff of cool breeze as I strolled along the quay.

stay focused,

♥️ Christina