Becoming Blue

September 2017, 2018 & 2021: Looking Back, Toronto CA

It has been over 3 years since I captured these images and then later toned the photos. I haven't given the photographs much thought after publishing them to this website. It was only until I began reorganizing the website and, again, with the passage of time that I took a different view of these photographs.

What's this perspective? How vision should not be only classified as high-definition crystal clarity; vision should also be considered seeing clearly through the mist.

In the original write-up that accompanied these blue-toned photos, I mentioned leaves are one of my favourite subjects and how I sprayed the toner onto the prints to achieve an interspersed effect and not an overall saturation, wanting to preserve the black and white origin of the images even though they've been toned. This is still true. But as I stared at these 3 images together, I'd begun to get a feeling from the pattern of blue streams. And I wondered if it was the collective consciousness seeping through and speaking through the photos; sort of like how psychologists use images and the act of creating visual art as a way to explore the subconscious/memory.

What is this message/memory that's trying to break through? I don't know`\_( ° ~ ")_/` Because of this experience, I've decided to reinstate a project concept for production, about aberrations (inspired by inherent defects of photographic lens), I had previously deleted - bringing the total projects now to 10.

Maybe during the execution of the project concept I will find the answer. Science tells us that humans recall imagery better than words and memory being a repository of knowledge can sometimes be transmitted as these images. To access this cache I'll need to use different cognitive techniques, like (blue) light activated memory recall, instead of just relying on dreams and memory jogger exercises. Maybe I'll remember some ancient "lost" knowledge.

Onwards! Let the journey begin.
❤ Christina