Clouds Just Do Whatever They Want

July 2017: Shooting at Roundhouse Park, Toronto, CA

Yes! Perfect outdoor shooting conditions: comfy temp., not breezy, partly sunny, so I whipped out the old Spotmatic, focused the lens and set the exposure. Oh wait, it's now cloudy, alright, I reset the exposure, check the focus and oh my god, it's sunny again…. OK, reset exposure, etc. You have got to be kidding me, the sunlight is gone again.

I don't know if the clouds were trying to give me a heart attack or if the sun was playing peek-a-boo with me. At this moment, my palms are sweating from frustration. I can't just stand around with a camera in my hand waiting for the sunlight; there are kids running around, couples on dates, and there is me feeling out of place for trying to take a picture of bolts on a train. Oy vey.

Ha! At last, I triumphed. I got a good abstract image of a metal nut & bolt (maybe it's a hinge) part thingy, which of course I only found out after developing the film. The print looks cool too.

remember to wear sunblock when heading outdoors,

♥️ Christina