Sketches of a World

2021: Processioning & Waiting. Fruition

Having spent the winter cozied up inside sketching and world-building was another dream come through. A couple months ago I finished the drawings of the photography project mentioned in the last post and was waiting until I had photographed and developed a few pictures before writing about it, but again, who knows when that will be. The old Spotmatic will have to hibernate a bit longer.

I have a list of props that need to be acquired/made before the shooting can begin; it's all just one big waiting game right now. Being an artist is frustrating. It turns out building a spacefaring robot and having it land on another planet has become easier than assembling a photography project - yay! Mars Perseverance Rover. Of course I watched the landing live stream - thank you NASA for allowing us access. I felt honoured to be able to share the emotions of the mission control crew; to experience years (decades for some) of hard work come to fruition is the best feeling in the world. And it seems the Mars crew and I share a love of peanuts ; )

Anyway, back to this project that doesn't want to get completed. Gotta keep the dream alive and it came alive in my sketches, so much so, I ran out of paper and ink. There were many iterations of this series of photo sketches. In the process of drawing and describing the various images, I found some of the images were repeating and I had to rethink the process which led to processioning the entire series… Good thing I had extra time, because it also allowed me to create an artist statement for each photo, plot out the shooting mechanics of each image, their potential installation setup, and rethink/redraw/tweak, once more, some sketches.

This process worked so well for me that I've begun plotting out other series in the same manner. Executing a dream is intense, surprisingly, exhausting work. I didn't realize I could feel mentally drained after days of sketching and planning; this has led to me scheduling in a couple of "recovery days" after each project segment. For me, in our current situation, "recovery" means bingeing on YouTube travel videos.

don't give up,

❤ Christina