Sustainability within the Analogue Process

Because I am grateful for all of the beauty this planet provides, I am making a conscious effort to be more sustainable in my photography processes:


  • Replace the use of Stop Bath with a 1-minute water wash
  • Increase use of "Caffenol" and other home-made Film/Paper Developers
  • Use powder chemicals instead of liquid, making plastic containers obsolete
  • Eliminate single rolls of film for reusable cassettes and bulk film
  • Use of RC paper to reduce amount of water and developer needed
  • Reuse printed/exposed photo paper (that won't be used as final print) as "scrap paper" for writing notes on backside, and origami
  • Use/Recycle clothes, paper, wood, etc. as printing materials by applying liquid emulsion


  • Welcoming and accepting so-called imperfections on film and in print (that make analogue photography magical) instead of wasting resources in chasing an ideal print
  • Pre-planning shoots so film is not squandered on random snapping