Sweat, Sweat and Sweat

September 2017: Shooting at Riverdale Farm, Toronto, CA

Hey, I got a free sauna session, and no time was wasted sitting about since I was photographing plants at the Riverdale Farm at the same time.

Decked out in a summer outfit, hat included, and water bottle at the ready, a pleasant day at the farm was expected.  Oh, no, not when Christina is shooting. The humidity must have been close to 90% and the temperature was probably around 30°C.  For the most part, it was not a big deal; I took some shots and then ran under shade wherever I found it.

Then the universe decided to turn up things a couple of notches when I was photographing plants outside the Meeting House.  With my pants sticking to my legs, sweat dripping into one of my eyes, the weight of my backpack pulling me down and a teacher screaming at a group of kids, I felt like I was a war photographer ducking bullets in a foreign jungle.  Why??? Really, why?

Whatever, I endured and continued shooting.  As soon as I got out onto the street I found a cafe and treated myself to a large hibiscus iced tea.  Looking back at it now, 3 years later, I can make light of it and say I got a free sauna session, but this is a situation I hope I won't have to photograph in again - it was exhausting and I got only one usable image out of it.

Riverdale Farm is a unique area of Toronto (not endorsing / nor affiliated with) which I will be visiting again, just not during school trip hours.

be cool,

♥️ Christina