The Sublime, The Magical and The Agitation

My Favourite Place in the World, the Darkroom

This retelling doesn't have a specific date because the darkroom experience is similar in almost every scenario, including unwanted interruptions.

That is not to say working in the darkroom is boring, in fact, this is where the process of analogue photography is most rewarding and magical.  This is where the frustration of photographing in storms, while soaking in sweat and under uncooperative lighting fades away and the feeling of bliss takes over.

I like to blast the radio while printing as it adds to the feeling of being at one with the process. With the room glowing red and the music shutting out the world, it is as near as I'll ever get to transporting to another world.  From setting up the print at the enlarger, to rhythmically moving to the developer tray, over to the stop bath, then over to the fixer tray, it's like a meditative practice but more engaging since the birth of a photograph is being witnessed.

Now, what would be the life of Christina without an intermeddler - this one was just odd. I turned around to find two (uninvited) strangers staring directly at me, in a very dark room, without saying a word or even offering a wave.  Is this behaviour accepted?  Should I start carrying pepper spray? `\_(' - ')_/` This seems to fit more with Tales From The Crypt than a Photographer's Tale.

Agitated, I ignored the interlopers and turned back to creating photographs.  My favourite part of printing is submerging a blank sheet of photographic paper in the developer tray.  Then seconds later, witnessing the emergence of a much anticipated image.  And within a few more seconds, seeing the shadow areas of the picture slowly spread across and over take most of the paper.

here's to doing what you love,

♥️ Christina