About Christina Shivcharan

Having immense appreciation for the camera’s ability to show me what I cannot see with my eyes, I use vintage film cameras as a basis to create analogue photographs.

The original photo prints are also produced by me in a darkroom using traditional chemical processes, while respecting the need to be sustainable with our resources.

As a companion to my photography practice, I write a blog (A Photographer's Tale) which is posted on this website for those interested in behind-the-scenes experiences.

About 8x10 Dot Photography

It is the brand name for products created by Christina Shivcharan and the name of this website. The website is an introduction to Christina's photographs and how she goes about creating images from conception to print.

It is not affiliated with any external intentional/unintentional associations of content on this website.

This website exists for connoisseurs of fine art who are interested in learning more about 8x10 Dot Photography / on where to purchase prints and of any showings - severely delayed.

directly contact Christina