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1.  your email address is used for no other purpose than communicating with you, within the context of a conversation initiated by the visitor

2. if you use the
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    • a notice of this procedure will be included in the email communication to inform the inquirer
    • here is a fictional sample email, as an example:

On Sunday, December 12, 2021, 08:41:38 a.m. EST, <> wrote:

Appropriate salutation based on information given...

Size (inches)  Price

0Hx0W     $000.00

0Hx0W     $000.00

0Hx0W     $000.00

0Hx0W    $000.00 

Appropriate details provided based on request....

Appropriate sign-off,

IMPORTANT NOTICE: information in this email regarding sizes and prices is valid from the date of this email (December 12, 2021) to March 12, 2022. This email message will be archived until March 12, 2022, as documentation of this conversation, and will be deleted on March 13, 2022.

See 8x10 Dot Photography's Privacy Policy for more information.

On 2021-12-11 7:33 am, wrote:


I'm an owner of a cafe and will be opening my first location soon, I'm interested in possibly purchasing the Hands of Fate photograph.

What are the print sizes available and where can I buy a print? Also, would you be able to give me prices for the different sizes?

Thanks, John

  • 8x10 Dot Photography does not have access to this email server, only the email account of
    • only Christina Shivcharan has the authority to access this email account

3. for general inquiries/feedback, your email along with your email address will be deleted once the communication has ended

  • the content of your email communication, partial or complete, will not be shared or included in any other medium/media
  • do not include sensitive information in your email (address, full name, age, etc.) as 8x10 Dot Photography cannot guarantee against intrusions in the various forms of cyber attacks


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  • when requesting information, either through this website's Contact Form, contact email, or the 8x10 Dot Photography's Facebook page, you may be asked to explain the context of the request, if it is not made clear in the original request:
    • how the information will be used/
    • the purpose of the requested information/
    • why is the information being requested
  • this is for the purpose of balancing the transparent sharing of information and the right to privacy

Drafted: August 13, 2022; Revised: August 27, 2022; December 29, 2022; March 29, 2023

How you can help protect everyone's privacy

If you believe someone else is claiming to communicate for/on behalf of 8x10 Dot Photography or Christina Shivcharan, please alert Christina as soon as possible to authenticate any communication