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Original Draft: August 13, 2022
Revised Editions: August 27, 2022;  December 29, 2022; March 29, 2023

Contact INformation

Outlines information that is/is not needed/collected by 8x10 Dot Photography's Contact Form, social media page and how to request information.


Lays out 8x10 Dot Photography's policy of not practicing targeted marketing, how your data appears to this website's administrator and website security provisions.

purchasing photographs

8x10 Dot Photography is in the process of procuring resources for the sale of its photographs.  Once finalized, review this section for information pertaining to vendor’s and buyer’s privacy terms.

8x10 Dot Photography respects your privacy and asks that you also respect the privacy of the owner and content of this website.

In addition to the practices outlined in these privacy policy documents, please review:

Cookies Usage

the cookies usage link (if the cookies advisory banner does not pop-up) that is in the footer section of every page on this website

Conditions of your visit

3 items that advise visitors of the conditions of site use, which are located in the footer section of every page on this website

ask, if unsure

contact 8x10 Dot Photography if you require additional information or clarification on this privacy policy