Ownership Terms

Once these terms have been read and there are no objections, feel free to browse the prints [COMING, AT SOME POINT] and make any purchases by selecting the button below

April 19, 2023: to avoid misunderstandings after purchase, please keep in mind

rights and ownership of artwork
  • 8X10 Dot Photography retains exclusive intellectual property rights to the artwork
  • the buyer owns a physical print (in a series of prints) of an original artwork
  • the buyer does not own the copyright of the artwork

for private use only
purchase of a print is for private use; *commercial use of artwork prints by the buyer is not permitted:
  • no renting the print
  • no charging money to view/copy the print
  • do not use for advertising, in any past/current/future formats
  • *contact 8x10 Dot Photography for commercial use of artwork
no reproductions
  • the buyer is not purchasing a license to reproduce or distribute the artwork print;
    • effective for the lifetime of the artwork, it is not permitted to reproduce the print, or make copies of the print using any past/current/future method(s)
  • taking a photograph of the print for the purpose of reselling or commercial publication is not permitted
no alterations
  • the buyer must not alter, in any method(s), the print for the purpose of selling or distributing copies
  • the buyer may frame/mat/mount the print in any fashion necessary for displaying the piece
  • the buyer may store/use the print in any way (use as a coaster, if you want) that is convenient/needed, preferably in a conservation manner
sold as is
  • as the print was not commissioned from 8x10 Dot Photography by the buyer, there will be no return, exchange, or request for another print
  • in case of a damaged print, see production company's replacement policy here [link pending]
  • see sample images [to be posted, once ready] for representation
reselling/resold artwork
  • the buyer has the right to resell/donate the physical print at any price without any time limitations
  • these terms of ownership transfer to the new owner of the print, in all instances, if/when the piece has been resold/donated

Need more info?

  • Please get in contact and information will be provided:
    • if clarification is needed regarding the terms
    • if additional images (different angles) of a sample print are needed for viewing
  • Review the privacy policy section on Purchasing Photographs [will link, when ready]
  • Also, make sure you are up-to-date on import custom regulations for your region (EU)/country and shipment charges (all carriers are not the same) even if there are trade agreements in place
  • Thanks for considering 8x10 Dot Photography for your life enhancement needs